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PIWOWARSKI sp. z o.o.sp.k. was established in 1987 with the headquarters located at Sękowo, Nowy Tomyśl commune. The company offers various electrical services and those related to installation of machinery or steel machining. Our company boasts extensive equipment i.e. various machines necessary for the work carried out by our company. Additionally, we have our own light commercial vehicles, construction site trailers and heavy equipment (excavators, dump trucks, cranes, baskets) we use during the work we conduct and services ordered with us. We also have our own workshops, a fitting shop and an office which makes us fully self-sufficient.

Another advantage is the fact that the company owner runs also an electrical wholesale store which makes us competitive in price terms.

Currently, we employ nearly sixty specialist which can professionally perform the work while ensuring high quality standards.


We are interested in collaboration in work performed across Poland and abroad.