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About us

The history of PIWOWARSKI P.S.A. (Simple Joint Stock) dates back to 1987. It was then that Zbigniew Piwowarski set up his one-man business under the name “Zakład Instalatorstwa Elektrycznego Zbigniew Piwowarski” (Electric Installation Works), or in short “ZIE PIWOWARSKI” as the firm was called for many years. The first headquarters of the company were located at Barteckiego Street in Nowy Tomyśl. Since its early days, the company has been mounting industrial electrical installations in renovated and newly built facilities in the Nowy Tomyśl area. Initially, the company only had a few employees, given the small scale of its operations. However, the growth of the business was aided by an increasing number of companies established in the 1990s. This was when a new approach to order management and execution was formed. The company decided to focus on long-term contracts with large companies such as Swedwood (now Ikea). This required hiring more employees, purchasing new equipment necessary to carry out complex projects, and set up an electrical and power supply wholesale business. The wholesale store was founded in 1997 under the name “ELZETPLUS”. Together with his wife, Jolanta Piwowarska, Zbigniew decided to run the wholesale business as a civil law partnership, and the company operates to this day. The opening of the wholesale store enabled the company to become more competitive on the market. The continued growth of the company over the years that followed resulted in the need to build new corporate headquarters. In 2002, new company headquarters were opened in Sękowo, a small village near Nowy Tomyśl.



The new headquarters improved personnel facilities, as well as storage and garage space. This again allowed the company to hire more employees and purchase innovative, specialised equipment suitable for working inside and outside industrial facilities. In 2004, the company began providing power line construction services. At that time, it established cooperation with power supply operator ENEA, responsible for the area of operation of ZIE Piwowarski. The cooperation has continued to this day and has resulted in around 800 kilometres of power lines that were either built or upgraded.



Cooperation with Swedwood brought about a small breakthrough in 2012. The Backpanelline production line was then relocated from the branch in Zbąszyń to the one in Chlastawa. The quality of relocation performed has resulted in more relocated lines. This ended with direct cooperation with HOMAG GROUP. Over the years, HOMAG Group has become the largest customer of the Piwowarski company. In 2013, Piwowarski signed a framework agreement for the installation of products offered by the HOMAG group. Under the agreement, nearly 1,000 projects were carried out around the world over the years that followed.



At present, there are 18 qualified specialists in charge of installation who carry out tasks related to the assembly and commissioning of machinery and the training of new operators.
After a year of cooperation in the field of machine assembly, HOMAG Group has offered to extend cooperation from assembly to the manufacture of steel structures. In 2014, the first elements were manufactured on behalf of HOMAG AUTOMATION. The company now employs 24 people in its steel structure manufacturing department. The dynamic growth of the department has contributed to a 25-fold increase in production since the beginning of the cooperation. Now the plant makes elements weighing a total of about 700 tonnes.

In order to keep up with continuous growth of the Company, in 2019 Zakład Instalatorstwa Elektrycznego Zbigniew Piwowarski was transformed into PIWOWARSKI spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa (Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership). The limited partners of the new company are: Zbigniew Piwowarski, Jolanta Piwowarska and their sons Michał and Maciej Piwowarski. Michał Piwowarski was appointed President of the Management Board.
The company’s new goal is to strengthen cooperation and increase turnover between the company and its most important clients, namely the HOMAG Group and ENEA.